Choose Your Vehicle

How to import Used Japanese Vehicles from Japan to Africa using Avecs.

  1. Choose Your Vehicle

    Select a Japanese vehicle exporter’s site and pick your vehicle. There are various organizations out there offering a huge number of them, so you’re truly spoilt for decision. Ensure you’re getting one from a legitimate organization however – there have been numerous loathsomeness situations where clients have been swindled of their life-investment funds since they paid into phony, non-existing organizations. Notwithstanding, you ought to be fine given that you utilize sound judgment and purchase from trusted and set up organizations. If you need assistance in finding reputable suppliers, please contact us.

  2. Choose Your Port

    As soon as you’ve picked your vehicle, select the port of conveyance. Most Zimbabwean purchasers choose Durban (South Africa) as their port of decision. Durban, as a rule is the likely Port in the event, that you’d like the vehicle conveyed by a cargo forwarder. You can have it conveyed either to the Zimbabwe Border (Beitbridge) or even in Zimbabwe itself, like Harare. Bringing in Japanese Pre-owned vehicles has never been so advantageous – you can have it conveyed straightforward to you!

  3. ORDER and PAY!

    Once you’ve chosen your vehicle and port (or city) of delivery, next place your order. This is typically done just by clicking the “Order” button on the supplier sites, and just like that you’ll soon be sent an invoice from them. Some terms used by the supplier sites are:
    FOB, or Free On Board: This refers to the actual price of the vehicle itself.
    Marine Insurance: This is to protect your vehicle against loss or damages while on the ship.
    Ocean Freight: Freight charge from Japan to your chosen port.
    CIF (Cost+Insurance+Freight): The sum total of all the above; vehicle, ocean, insurance and inland freight to your chosen port.
    You may see additional charges on your invoice depending on what you order such as freight forwarding charge from the port to Harare, but the above will form the basis of your invoice.
    Once you have been issued an invoice, take it to your bank and pay. Ask your bank for a “TT COPY” or telegraphic transfer copy once the payment is done. Scan and send the document to your Seller, as they will then usually reserve the vehicle for you until your funds are received.

  4. Shipping

    Shipping There are normally a few vessels leaving for Africa every month from Japan, and sailing during a period of around 4 – 5 weeks. The total waiting period from the time you order and when the vehicle will arrive at the port is around 6 – 8 weeks.

  5. Documents, Port Clearance & Tax

    You will receive a few documents before the vehicle arrives at the port.

    BL: Bill of Lading. Consider this as the key to claiming your vehicle. You won’t be able to claim your vehicle without it.
    Export Certificate: You will also be asked to show this when you claim your vehicle. This shows that your vehicle is not stolen goods, and has been legally imported.

    Invoice: You will need to submit this at your local revenue authority or tax office to pay for duty. Please make sure you are fully aware of the tax assessment and have enough for it before you order your vehicle; as what you pay to the Seller/Supplier is not the only indication of what needs to be paid.

  6. Port Clearance & Delivery

    Once your vehicle has finally arrived, you will need the help of a clearing agent who will “clear” your vehicle at the port. Forward them your Bill of Lading so that he/she can process clearance. If you’re having the vehicle delivered to Zimbabwe, you’ll see your vehicle around a week later.

    Easy and simple. You might have to wait a bit before you get to see and drive your vehicle, but importing a used car from Japan yourself should still work out cheaper than buying one from a local dealer. Additionally, the condition of Japanese used cars is generally very good and the mileage genuine (not rewound), so there are many advantages of importing your vehicles. Choose your Supplier and vehicle carefully, and drive your dream car!